Impact Stories

Hear what people we've served & partnered with have been saying about Burnt Offerings BBQ.

Ben Bufkin

Pastor of Living Word Church

“What a blessing you have been to myself, Living Word Church, and our community.  Thank you for your tireless work over these past two weeks.  Your heart for Christ and the Gospel shines through everything you do.”

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Jeanna Bamburg

CEO HCA Houston Healthcare Southeast

“Thank you for your generous donation of 1,000 barbecue meals to our hospital.  We could not be any more grateful for the purpose that you serve to our community by supporting individuals like ourselves on the frontline of COVID-19.”

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The A 2nd Cup Team

“We are so thankful for you and your passion to serve others.  Thank you for your generous donation to A 2nd Cup and we are looking forward to partnering with your further.”

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Pastor Thomas Custer

Pentecostals of Santa Fe

I would like to take this opportunity and give Steve Lang and the Burnt offering cook team both a thank you and a great big recommendation. As most of the nation knows, on May 18, 2018 our small town of Santa Fe, TX became known for a school shooting. While most people were calling for interviews and speculation, Steve reached out and wanted to do something for the community.

He and his team came and to the church and spent the evening, night and the next day setting up and cooking for the first responders and community. They gave selflessly from donating all meat and sides to providing all the cookers and help to make it a success. their passion and zeal for what they do is inspiring.

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Megan Yzquierdo

Burnt Offerings made some delicious food for my cancer benefit in October 2019. They made the planning process so easy and stress free. They showed up on time and handled everything from set up, serving and money handling. The staff was very friendly and polite. I received my portion of the proceeds in about a week.  I would recommend Burnt Offerings for any fundraising event. Wonderful experience!

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Preston and Linda Mealer

There are no words to express our gratitude to this ministry! Our whole world was turned upside down in a 24 hour period. My husband, Preston, was experiencing some blood pressure issues and when I called his heart Dr. to see if we could come in to see him that day, I also mentioned that I had been noticing that he was being forgetful and sometimes seemed confused.  He told me to go straight to the emergency room. To make a long story short, in the emergency room he was given an MRI. They wanted to make sure that he had not had a stroke or brain bleed. The MRI showed a large mass on his brain. That was a terrifying moment. We were not prepared for what was ahead of us.  We were immediately transported to Memorial Herman Hospital and a surgeon there told us that it had to come out as soon as possible. The surgery went well and they were able to get all the mass removed. However, we were told that is was malignant melanoma. Since the surgery he has been put on immunotherapy treatment by his oncologist and undergone Gamma Knife procedures to get rid of other small tumors that have shown up since surgery.

All of this took a huge toll on us physically, emotionally and financially!  When Burnt Offerings stepped in and did a fund raiser for us, it was if were were given hope and a light in a dark tunnel.  It has made such a difference in our lives and helped get us through the most difficult time of our life. I really don't know what we would have done without the compassion and generosity of this ministry. Our desire is to see this ministry reach its full potential. We are ever so grateful for all you have done for us! You were a blessing and an answer to our prayers! May the Lord bless each of you and this ministry so that others can benefit during times of extreme hardship like we did!

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Jeannie Taylor

My name is Jeannie Taylor. Burnt Offerings conducted a fund raiser to help me with expenses for treatment of my breast cancer. They came to Center, Texas and pit cooked chicken with all the sides. They did a wonderful job of preparing the food and promoting the fund raiser. They are a great group and I would recommend them to anyone in need.

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Jennifer Soderstrom

I cannot say enough great things about Libby, Steven and Burnt Offerings and how they have blessed our family.  My daughter’s boyfriend Barrett was diagnosed with cancer and had to have his kidney removed. I got the thought of putting together a benefit to raise funds for his growing medical expenses.  Never taking on anything like this before, I was trying to figure out how to handle food, auction, etc. Realizing how big this task was going to be, I reached out to a FB Church group for advice.  It was there I learned about Burnt Offerings. From there I contacted them.

They were quick to reply and explained what they do and how they could help. That week I met with them to discuss the options for the benefit.  Libby and Steven put me at ease. You could tell they were all about serving others and after meeting with them a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. The day of the benefit, they showed up with all their volunteers (who were wonderful!!!) and handled all the prep of the food and beverages, cooking, serving and payments of the plates.  This was a huge task and all them were so happy to help and did an amazing job and the food was amazing too. They provided such a wonderful experience for all our guests. They went above and beyond any expectations.

You can tell they love what they do for others and it shows. They are kind, selfless and dedicated in making a difference for those in need.  I know they were such a huge part of the benefit being a success and I will be forever grateful. They are a true blessing for anyone that comes their way. Great people with big hearts doing great things!!!

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Arturo Martinez

My name is Arturo Martinez and I am the coach for the Alvin High School Bowling Team in Alvin, Texas. It was my great pleasure to work with Burnt Offerings BBQ. With their help, my organization was able to raise enough money to buy each of our 23 students bowling equipment to compete in the 2019 season. I can’t praise this group enough for their efforts, but I will try to share with you their impact on my students and myself.

The 2018 season was my first year as coach for Alvin High School and it was apparent during competition that my students were lacking the equipment needed to be competitive.  My students are mostly from lower income areas and do not receive funding for their sport through the school. When the average bowling ball cost close to $200, the average shoes cost $45, required jerseys around $35, and lane rental costs for the year are $50-75 per year per student, it became impossible for my students to have proper equipment without financial help. We instead focused on using what money we had for the bare minimum, which includes shirts, shoe rental, and lanes to bowl on during competition. The public equipment we had to borrow for the students were almost always ill-fitting or were improper weights, both of which cause injury and poor performance.

After a year of watching my team fight an uphill battle, I knew we needed to find funding and help my students get on an even playing field with the rest of the teams in our district. As I was planning fundraising ideas, I had the great fortune to meet Steven and Libby Lang at a fundraiser they were helping with. The benefit they were helping with was to raise funds for a patient with cancer to pay for their medical treatment. As I began talking to them, I became immediately aware of the passion and desire they had in helping others. They began explaining to me Burnt Offering’s mission and plans to help even more people long term.

There are many ways to show someone you appreciate or care for them, and for me cooking a quality meal for them has always been one on the top of that list. It takes many hours to cook good BBQ, and mostly during the hours most people are asleep. Not only do they do this, but they do it for strangers in need at no cost. After 20 minutes of meeting them, they offered to do the same for my students.  In less than a month we were able to organize a fundraiser with the goal of $3500 after expenses and raise $5000. I can honestly say I do not know if we would have hit our mark without their help. Not only did they provide the food and method to raise money, but their passion to help make our fundraiser a success inspired me to push harder and do more for our event.

When you need help and the problem seems like a mountain, it is easy to get discouraged. With their help, it seemed like an anthill. Don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of work.  But when you have reliable people like them helping you, more hands makes less work. They made our cause their cause.

I worked mostly with Steven Lang and Brandon Mealer and I found them to be honest, hardworking, compassionate, and eager to do whatever was required help us out. Their communication and organization helped make the event a major success. They outlined and clearly explained everything we needed to do to streamline our event and maximize the money we could raise.

It is my sincerest hope that Burnt Offerings grows and continues to impact people like myself. Their giving spirit and drive to help others is contagious and should be shared with as many people as possible. With proper funding and support, I believe their organization can be a great service and example for the Greater Houston Area and beyond.

I urge you to strongly consider working with this fantastic group of people and help make their dream a reality. The people at Burnt Offerings BBQ most definitely deserve, but so do the rest of us.

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Jon Ashcraft

Pastor CT Church, Pasadena

Burnt Offerings Barbecue has been a tremendous resource for our church over the last year. We have used their services on four separate occasions.  Through our partnership with them, we were able to raise funds to help send our teenagers to a summer spiritual emphasis camp. Burnt Offerings Barbeque cooked for three separate fundraisers our youth group hosted. The funds from these efforts enabled several teenagers to go to camp reduced or free costs.

During the summer a tragedy occurred at Sylvan Beach in La Porte, Texas. A family lost three children in a single drowning event. Our hearts were stirred as a church and we wanted to do something to help with this horrible circumstance for the families. We reached out to Burnt Offerings Barbeque and they were quick to respond and help us to a fundraiser. We were able to raise funds to donate to the families of the victims to help pay for the funerals.

We are tremendously grateful for this organization. Their nonprofit has been a tremendous resource to our church and we look forward to working closely with them in the future. Further, we certainly hope they are able to expand their efforts to assist other organizations around the world with benefits and relief efforts.

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